Oregon Coast Bracelet

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This gorgeous bracelet design was first created by my dear friend Mary. When I saw her combo of stones, I knew I had to make some to share with others. It truly makes me think of the coastline along Oregon. :)

This bracelet is made with 8mm high-quality Sodalite, Cloudy Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, and Yellow Jade. The zinc alloy metal comes in the following colors: silver, gold, bronze, or copper.

Sodalite helps a person stay true to their self and to stand up for their beliefs. It promotes intuition and trust in one's own judgment. It helps create discipline and can help you find efficient ways to handle your daily tasks and problems.

Cloudy Quartz is very grounding and supportive of the Root Chakra. It centers your energy and removes distractions and negativity so that you can focus and relate to your physical world.

Rutilated Quartz reaches the root of problems and facilitates change. It can soothe dark moods and ease anxiety. It promotes forgiveness within and towards others.

Yellow Jade is a powerful and creative stone. It will encourage you to take a look at your true self, bringing imbalances to the surface for release. It is highly protective and supporting as you face change. It is a stone of harmony, bringing cohesiveness to group settings (business or family). It strengthens relationships.

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