Amethyst I AMulet necklace - I AM SAFE

Amethyst I AMulet necklace - I AM SAFE

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What are you focusing on right now in your life? Resilience? Courage? Bravery? Gratitude? Joy?

An I AMulet necklace combines the power of positive intention with the ancient evil eye symbol to support a healthier YOU!

This I AMulet necklace has two parts:

An Amethyst pendant that carries a harmonizing energy for the affirmation, I AM SAFE: Believe in yourself, and you will break free from what scares you. Hold this AMETHYST and name your fears out loud as you throw each one away!


An evil eye amulet to symbolically repel antagonizing forces and weaken perceived obstacles.

- Necklace is made of an 8-10 mm hand-cut amethyst stone with sterling beads and wire plus a 1/2" hand stamped sterling silver charm. 18" sterling silver ball chain included.


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